September 25, 2014

Making Life Work - A Capital Idea

Looking for a job IS a job.

Finding a job IS exciting.

The job I've been offered means upheaval on a grand scale. It offers opportunities for all of us; it also means sacrifices.

It looks like it's my turn to work out of town. I'll be moving to our state capital.

By myself.

I'll be leaving The Mister and The Boy to fend for themselves.

I can't say I'm excited, yet. Worried, yes. Nervous? Definitely.

My start date? October 6.

The plan is to hole up in a motel for a week or so, and look for a small apartment. I'd love something furnished, so I can bring along the household necessities and move right in.

The job is 2.5 hours from home, so it won't be a big deal to come home on weekends.

I have two some big fears: 

What if The Mister and The Boy don't get along? All sorts of bad things could result.

What if I like living alone so much that I won't look forward to coming home?

I will miss the kids and grandkids. 

The initial contract is for four months - if I wow them, the contract will be extended. I figure we can make it work for this initial time frame. We'll have to figure out what to do about the holidays. 

If my contract is extended, there are more challenges. With a new grandbaby arriving in April, I will miss so much!

The Mister and The Boy may come to visit during school breaks. I guess we'll see who the real slob won't be me.

I have TEN DAYS before I make the leap of faith.

I'm open to suggestions and tips on how to make this adventure work. What say you?