April 21, 2014

I've Almost Forgotten How

Kim is a bad blogger. Other than work stuff or grocery lists on Post-it Notes and old envelopes, I haven't written much in the past two months. The other day, I managed to whip out a silly poem...and felt guilty that I haven't been doing more creative writing.

I've lost my drive, my urge to put my thoughts down is non-existent. It appears that I can muster enough energy for Facebook posts, but that's about it.

But rest assured that I've thought of all of you - and may have sneaked a peek at a blog or two (though I haven't left many comments). I've missed our little chats.

I'm liking my job - but every work day is twelve hours long (from waking up until I get home). I'm old, I'm tired. 

I've joined the Early to Bed Old Fart Club, and am usually positioned horizontally by 9:30 each night. My early bedtime means that I'm not sitting up by myself at night - writing and swilling Coke Zero.

And even with increased sleep time, I am tired.all.the.time.

Here's a quick recap of what's happened over the past two months:

I will try my damnedest to write more than once every two months...gotta get the creative mojo workin' again!

Stay tuned...I'll write all about my love affair with Sammy (one big reason I'm horizontal at 9:30 each night!).